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Privacy and confidentiality.

The Workplace Cultural Diversity Tool is designed for internal use by organisations to measure their progress towards good practice in cultural diversity. The Australian Human Rights Commission is committed to ensuring the security and confidentiality of this resource. Although a copy of the data you submit to the tool will be retained by the Commission’s server, the information you provide will not be considered or used by the Commission. The data is retained to allow you to re-use the tool and to enable the Commission to assist you in case of any problems you encounter when using the tool. Access to the tool is via a secure login and all data transmission will be encrypted. The Australian Human Rights Commission is required to comply with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). For more information on the Commission’s privacy policy go to

  1. When you select "login" or "start assessment" you will be prompted to create a username and password. You can log in to complete the tool annually to chart your organisation’s progress over time. We recommend you save your username and password in case you or a colleague wish to log in, access your results and complete the tool again in future.
  2. You can complete the tool over more than one session.   Your answers will automatically save if you log out.
  3. It is ideal, but not compulsory, to complete the tool with a group of employees from different cultural backgrounds and different areas of your organisation to bring a broader range of expertise and perspectives to the process.
  4. The tool consists of 30 items across 7 sections. Each item lists a best practice standard and three options that provide examples that demonstrate the standards for organisations. These are:
    1. Starting out
    2. Developing
    3. Advanced.
  5. Select one of the three options that best represents the level that your organisation has already achieved. It does not have to match the example exactly. If in doubt, choose the lower level.
  6. Hyperlinks and pop-up boxes will help you navigate the tool and real-life examples of good practice are provided throughout the tool. Click on the light bulb icons to view the examples.
  7. Once you complete the tool you will receive an automatically generated, confidential report that will show your organisation’s results against each of the sections. The report will include fields where you can:
    1. Add comments against your results
    2. Include links to supporting documents (strategic plan, policies etc)
    3. Nominate action items to support your organisation to progress to the next level.
  8. You will be able to customise the report with your organisation’s title and logo. The report can be saved as a PDF, emailed and printed.
  9. Once you save, print or email the report you will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the tool and submit your own good practice example/s.
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